Light Patrol


A Youth Journey

To whom it Concerns*:

There needs to be more organisations like Light Patrol, on the streets of Toronto. They help people like homeless and street life youth. Light Patrol is like one big family, They help us when in need, whether it is to help furnish our home, help us with a box of food for our home, or if we are needing help with clothing, or just simply an ear to hear about our day, or struggles we face day to day.

Light Patrol has helped me, living in both Toronto and now Hamilton. In Toronto I used “Curb Light” a few times. And now that I am in Hamilton they still try and find a way out to see and help us, Last time they came out they helped with food, interviewing clothes (which in turn didn’t fit so I then re-donated it to a friend in need). Light Patrol makes big efforts and goes beyond what they do. For that I’m thankful. Because if they weren’t there where would I be able to go? Where with other youth in Toronto be able to turn? Light Patrol is still going strong, I think it is because they are doing a good thing for the city of Toronto and they are helping youth who in turn have no one else they can trust.

They are two people I know through Light Patrol, I was actually shocked when I found out Amy was a volunteer on the “Curb Light” RV, the time I went, as I knew Amy when I used to go to an old Youth group at my old church. The other person I know is David, I know him through my spouse, and this is how I learned about the organization because they helped my spouse when he lived on the streets. He had to utilize what he could in order to survive either the cold or hot weathers. My spouse has been using Light Patrol since 2005 and I believe they help him mould him into the person he is today.

I’m thankful that Light Patrol is planning to coming out once a month to check in on us, and help us out. The help I have received….Even my animals I am sure are thankful for the awesome food they too have received, if my animals could talk I’m sure they would say thank you, as well. I hope Light Patrol stays for many years to come; they do a lot of good things for people.

Thanks Susanne and Alexander Link

*exact replica of youth letter

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