Light Patrol




30-foot Outreach Motorhome

Light Patrol is an outreach program of Youth Unlimited (Toronto YFC) that responds to the needs of Toronto’s homeless and street-involved youth. Since 2001, Light Patrol has been assisting and guiding these vulnerable young people, helping them transition away from the destructive elements of Toronto’s street life. Light Patrol envisions that all young people in the GTA would have the opportunity to know the peace of having a home and a place of belonging within supportive Christian community.

Youth UnlimitedYouth Unlimited (Toronto YFC) As members of the Christian community, Youth Unlimited exists to help young people in the Greater Toronto Area attain their full life potential, showing love and care for their whole person, and encouraging them to serve God as fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

Light Patrol has developed the following specialized teams:

CURB LIGHT Homeless Youth Outreach:

Curb Light Outreach RV

A large red and black RV serves as a mobile base for our homeless youth outreach initiative called “Curb Light”. This 30 foot motorhome gives Light Patrol its most visible presence on the street, travelling three times a week on a designated route throughout Toronto’s city core. Known for nutritious home cooking and warm hospitality, Curb Light travels to several locations per night where homeless young people await. Beyond the thousands of hot meals served each year, countless clothing articles, hygiene items, sleeping bags and blankets are distributed to those in need.

HEALTH LIGHT Street Health Unit:

Health LightHealth Light is Light Patrol’s mobile health unit that provides immediate medical care for street youth. Our medical professionals also make referrals for follow-up treatment, advocate for the healthcare needs of our young people and assist in recovery planning and support.

SAFE LIGHT Special Care for Girls:

Safe LightGirls are especially vulnerable to the dangers of the city streets. Light Patrol’s Safe Light team cares for the needs of young women whose journeys commonly involve abuse and prostitution. Leveraging the outreach activities of Curb Light, Safe Light begins by bringing practical help to girls who face the cruellest elements of street life, and partnering with like-minded agencies. Girls participate in regular group activities or meet individually with staff for counseling and support.


Youth Transition Program At Light Patrol, we understand that having a home has little to do with housing, and is much more about a place of belonging and a caring community. Street-involved youth often find housing, but seldom, the support they need to reach their potential in life. Staff and volunteers from Light Patrol walk closely with young people as they transition into a home, helping piece together communities of support away from the street.

The effectiveness of our work comes through long term relationships, community building and holistic care (physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual). Your partnership with Light Patrol will add to the success of our life changing work among Toronto’s most vulnerable youth.

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